Jun 19, 2012

We will be at these two conferences - do we meet?

We are very happy that we have been invited to present our current work at these two upcoming conferences:

1. NeuroCultures - NeuroGenderings II: 13 - 15 September 2012, University ofVienna (http://neurocultures2012.univie.ac.at)
In co-operation with the network NeuroGenderings, the Gender Research Office at the University of Vienna, will launch a three-day international, interdisciplinary conference entitled "NeuroCultures – NeuroGenderings II" 13 - 15 September 2012 at the University of Vienna.
The aim of the conference "NeuroCultures – NeuroGenderings II" is to improve reflective scientific approaches concerned with sex/gender and the brain, and to gain particular insight into the transformation or persistence of gendered norms and values that accompany the mutual entanglements between brain research, various disciplines and public discourse.

2. Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Science and Technology: October 17-20, 2012Copenhagen Business SchoolFrederiksbergDenmark(http://4sonline.org/meeting)
“Design and displacement – social studies of science and technology”
For the Joint 4S/EASST conference 2012 papers are invited that address the dynamics and interrelationships between science, technology and society. Papers which address the meeting’s theme ‘Design and Displacement’ are especially relevant, but papers on any topic in STS are welcome.
The conference encourages analytic, critical and practical engagement with design and displacement in several ways. First, it points to the need for investigating the relation between design intentions and their displacements, for example as catalysts for change and conflict. It also highlights the importance of investigating design controversies. It locates design practices in broader political contexts, and focuses attention on how design facilitates or hinders social inclusion, locally and globally. The theme ‘Design and Displacement’ invites careful analyses of the way design practices take part in shaping worlds. However, ‘Design and Displacement’ also raises questions around STS as design work and practice-based interventions. In this sense design becomes simultaneously topic and outcome, a situation that raises new questions concerning the role of STS research.

Maybe you will be at one or at both of these conferences too?

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