Oct 20, 2011

Born this way?

Some days ago, a friend forwarded a video to me which fits perfectly with our topic here: It was made by Travis Nuckolls and Chris Baker from street interviews they conducted in Colorado Springs (information taken from the video description). They were asking people when they decided to be straight in order to challenge the opinion that homosexuality was a choice. "Cool," I thought when I saw it first. But on second thought: If gender and sexuality are interdependent and both are social constructions, what do this question and the answers actually suggest? That sexual preferences are something we are born with? Imagine a similar experiment: What would people answer when asked when they decided to be a woman/man? That they were born this way?
Yes, it is a good thing to make people aware of the fact that homosexuality is not a choice. Neither is heterosexuality. We are not born women or men, nor are we born hetero- or homosexual... These are products of a heteronormative society.

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