Jul 1, 2011

Paper online

The paper related to the workshop we had at the IAS-STS Conference is now online available. Comments are very welcome.
FYI the full citation: Hofstätter, Birgit & Wöllmann, Torsten (2011). The Concept of ‘Heteronormativity’ and its Methodological Implications. In: Hofstätter, Birgit & Getzinger, Günter (Eds.). Proceedings of the 10th Annual IAS-STS Conference on Critical Issues in Science and Technology Studies, 2nd -3rd May 2011 (CD-ROM). Graz: IFZ Eigenverlag. ISBN 978-3-9502678-4-6 [Online: http://www.ifz.tugraz.at/ias/Media/Dateien/Downloads-IFZ/IAS-STS/10th-Annual-IAS-STS-Conference/Proceedings/Hofstaetter_Woellmann_Ext-Abstract]

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